Staff & Volunteers

Meet Some of the Dog Rescue Black Belt Ninjas Who Help to Make All of our Rescue Efforts Possible


Giddy is the moral compass at PPDR. We like to think of Giddy as Alfred to Twinkle's Batman. Sometimes more like Dean Martin to Twinkle's Jerry Lewis. Giddy has been with PPDR for many years and has many special talents. He claims that In 2013 he was voted sexiest dog alive by one of the most popular dog blogs in the world. He claims that his IQ is north of 150 but that his heart is bigger and that he has very high emotional intelligence. Rumor has it he has summited Mount Everest twice, flown solo over the Bermuda Triangle four times, won a bracelet in the World Series of Poker, speaks 11 different languages, plays concert level violin and is a master vegan sushi chef. He once saved Angelina Jolie from drowning on a beach in Maine according to TMZ.

He is... the most interesting dog in the world.

Twinkle quietly mumbling under her breath in the background: "Most interesting dog in the world!?! Please!! He isn't even the most interesting dog in the house"


Over the past 10 years Melissa has rescued, cared for and adopted out more than 3,500 dogs. With nothing more than a dream and a passion for helping the helpless, she took a leap of faith, quit her teaching job and fully dedicated her life to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in need. Over the years Melissa has rescued, worked with and rehabilitated dogs with everything from simple temperament issues all the way up to dogs with far more complicated physical and emotional special needs.

With the exception of her first two years in college when animals were not permitted in the dormitories Melissa has never been without an animal in her life. As soon as she had an apartment of her own she rescued 2 dogs and cat. After college she moved to Atlanta where she worked at an animal clinic as a veterinary technician for several years. After many years as a vet tech in Atlanta she moved to Arizona where she studied equine and canine massage to extend her veterinary technician experience and received her Masters in Education. It was in Arizona where she met her husband Bo and...

We are a 501 (c)3 Foster and Facility-Based Dog Rescue

Legend has it that Poppa Bo Hannon is himself a ninja and is rumored to be the secret leader of the Black Dog Ninja troop. But, we can neither confirm nor deny this officially.

Over the past 10 years Bo has rescued, cared for and adopted out more than 3,500 dogs. With nothing more than a dream and a passion for helping the helpless, he took a leap of faith, quit his mechanical career and fully dedicated his life to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in need. Bo also started his own dog transport company, Rescue Riders Transport where he safely transported thousands of dogs from the south to their new forever homes in the New England area. After 6 years of doing both transport and rescue, Bo decided to retire the transport and fully dedicate himself to the rescue dogs and their newly renovated animal shelter. Bo is the main caretaker of the rescue dogs at the Ruff House as well as boarding and daycare activities. He is also involved in the training and rehabilitation of dozens of rescue dogs with varying degrees of emotional and physical needs.

Peace and Paws Dog...


Remember Q from the James Bond 007 movies? He was the dude who made all of 007's awesome spy gadgets. Well at PPDR we don't have Q. We have something even better! We have Linda, Baylee and Baylee's dad, who are all Black Belt Rescue Ninja's! Like Q, Linda is the mastermind behind Baylee's Magic Rescue Ninja Bracelets. Linda and the gang handcraft each of Baylee's PPDR Bracelets and they donate all of the proceeds to PPDR and the rescue doggos. If you haven't checked out Baylee's Bracelets yet you need to! They're amazing! These things may or may not have magic ninja powers. At a minimum they'll make you look extremely cool . Here is the link to the Baylee's Bracelet section on our website:

CLICK HERE for Baylee's Bracelets Storefront

The inspiration for Baylee’s bracelets began as a way of combining Linda's love of making beaded bracelets with her desire to help rescue animals. The adoption of her Australian cattle dog - Baylee - from Peace and Paws two years ago brought Linda...


My name is Kay Hartnett and I live in a strawbale house in the woods in Deering NH with my husband and two rescue dogs. We have lived here four years and have never been more involved in a community than we have since moving to Deering. We organize and attend many local events, and serve on two town's easy to do in a small town. My volunteer work at Peace and Paws consists of.....playing with dogs!! SOMEONE has to do it. You see me here with Merry, my favorite Peace and Paws dog to spend time with....look at that face!


Deb lives in Hancock, NH with her husband Kary, their two children Max and Abbey, dog Henry and 2 cats Frank and Tillie.

She connected with Peace and Paws seven years ago when her family adopted a wonderful dog named Henry which ignited her passion for rescue. When her children were a little older and she had more time, she began volunteering at the Ruff House and has become a cherished volunteer and part-time staffer.

Her education and professional background is in social services and education, but she has aways loved animals of all kinds and for the last six years has been doing part-time work at a local farm.

Deb loves yoga, nature and getting out there hiking, kayaking and especially walking and playing with the dogs at the Ruff House!


Cindy retired and moved to New Hampshire after working 35 years in a management position in the healthcare arena that served veterans. After a busy and successful career, it was her goal to find an organization where she could dedicate time volunteering. One thing led to another and she connected with Peace and Paws Dog Rescue. Boy were we lucky!

Cindy always had pets growing up as a child and her love for them has grown into adulthood even more.

Today she and her husband share their home with rescue dog extraordinaire Lola, her sidekick and walking partner, who is also a Peace and Paws Dog Rescue alumni. They could not imagine life without her. In her free time she enjoys going to the gym, the beach, hiking, going to concerts, traveling and spending time with family and friends creating memories.


Linda has always had lots of animals in "her long life" as she puts it. She has been the proud owner of horses, a ponies, a goats, dogs and cats. Linda has a great love for all animals and is very happy to now have the opportunity to help those who have not had good lives and help find a place where they are loved. "I just love taking care of them," she tells us and boy does she. Linda resides in NH with her husband and while she doesn't currently have any dogs, she gets her dog fix weekly with our Ruff House fosters and boarders. We are also thrilled that Linda has become an official part of our staff as well.


Leigh Anne has been volunteering for Peace and Paws for many years. She lives a snowball throw away from the Peace and Paws with her family and their pets. She keeps coming back to volunteer because Schmoobs pays her handsomely for blackmarket munchkins.


We like to think of Rich and Momma Casey as PPDR's Strategic Swiss Army Knife. They are stealthy these two. You never know where they are going to pop up and you never know what they will be working on for the rescue. They report directly to Momma Melissa and Poppa Bo and provide project advice and input on things like website development, strategic partnerships, content editing, apparel design and development, E-Commerce, fundraising, legal, public relations, and marketing matters. They also help out with specific dog rescue cases and emergency freedom rides. But most of all... they are masters at avoiding any attempt by Bo or Melissa to get them to help settle a difference of opinion between Bo and Melissa.

Rich became interested in rescue in 2009 when a friend introduced him to her rescue dog Athena. She left Athena with Rich while she traveled to China and when she returned Rich and Athena were joined at the hip. Bound by their mutual love for Athena the two friends decided to co-parent her from that point on. Unfortunately, Athena crossed the Rainbow...