A great way to help the rescue dogs you ask? How about becoming a monthly donor?

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Our goal is to gain 2,500 monthly donors

and get this…

If we get 625 new monthly donors, we’ll receive $5,000 in matching gifts from an anonymous donor.

That’s .0011 % of all of our friends on Facebook.

Together, we can do this!

Your Monthly Gift Will

  • Provide a reliable source of support for Peace and Paws’ ongoing rescue & rehabilitation work;
  • Continue Peace and Paws’ educational efforts;
  • Sustain Peace and Paws’ Veterinary Care Fund;
  • Provide funding for our critical network of foster providers, paying for all costs so they can focus on caring for the pups;
  • Literally save dogs’ lives all year long.

Benefits Of Monthly Giving

  • It's flexible. You can increase, decrease, or cancel your monthly gift at any time, without obligation.
  • It's convenient. You sign up once, and your gift is automatically withdrawn each month on the same day. Set it and forget it.
  • It allows a ‘smaller’ gift to become a larger one over time without straining your budget.
  • Turn your values into action. Inspired by your love for dogs, your monthly gift is turned into practical action, supporting Peace and Paws rescue, rehabilitation, education, and advocacy work.
  • It makes you a friend dogs can depend on. When you stand up for rescue with your monthly gift, you make a commitment to dogs, spay/neuter education, veterinary care and more. You become a champion they can count.
  • It's green. You will receive only electronic communication with your monthly gift. You’ll help protect the planet as you help save dogs.

Giving Amounts

No gift is too small! Whether you contribute $5, $20, or $200 a month, it all adds up to a truly meaningful commitment to our rescue dogs. Your monthly gift provides us the financial foundation we desperately need to save the lives of more dogs. All gifts are tax-deductible.

  • $5 a month = $60 a year pays for a critical veterinary exam for a pup to get its health certificate
  • $10 a month = $120 a year sponsors a pup’s rescue ride to New England
  • $15 a month = $180 a year pays for Frontline (flea/tick preventative) and heart worm pills for 10 dogs
  • $20 a month = $240 a year pays for required fecals and de-wormings on all foster pups coming to PPDR
  • $25 a month = $300 a year pays for obedience classes for 2 dogs.
  • $30 a month = $360 a year pays for preventative care for 20 dogs.
  • $50 a month = $600 a year pays for hydrotherapy and physical therapy for our rehabilitation pups
  • $75 a month = $900 a year pays for food for 30 foster dogs
  • $100 a month = $1,200 a year would provide an often needed teeth cleaning, dental exam and X-rays
  • $150 a month = $1,800 a year provides for an emergency vet visit (which we have a lot of!)